One all-staff email a day at W+K NYC

From: Neal Arthur

Okay, party people.  Let’s shut this thang down.  Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

From: Sarah Park

And Blaney’s head just exploded… 


From: Jamie Carreiro



From: Ian Reichenthal

Noah Phillips is here!

Noah’s actually been freelancing with us for a long time - but now he’s officially part of the family.  Here’s his story, in his own words…

Welcome Noah!


Born and raised Canadian, so I obviously play hockey, maple farm and practice moose taxidermy.  I recently acquired a new United States Visa, so I also like NASCAR, hamburgers and freedom.

Longtime American infiltrator – went to (and graduated from!) Syracuse and will always consider them the Orangemen.  I’ve been in NYC since the beginning of the year freelancing.  Looking forward to fulltime again, abusing health coverage and Nike discounts.

For anything else, I’ll see you on the stump.


(sitting under the sadly deflating Air Shark)

From: Gary van Dzura

Season 2 Finale.

In the finale some loose ends are tied up, a birthday is “celebrated” and Rob apologizes for offending residents of the First State.

(Yes, these seem dated, but we’re using up the old footage before launching mind-blowing Season 3 in HD).


From: Sarah Park

Does anyone have a plain either white or kraft paper medium sized shopping bag that is very clean with no writing on it?  If so, may I have it?!

Plz + Thx

From: Sarah Park


From: Mackenzie Nuss

Once upon a time in an office building far, far away (well, not THAT far, but it sounds much better)…..

W+K Employee #1: Daaang, Accounting is all up in my grill over my damn timesheet. Don’t they know I’m busy? Are timesheets really THAT important?! What’s the big deal, I’ve got much more important things to deal with…..

W+K Employee #2: Listen up fool, I have a friend in Accounting, and she said that timesheets really ARE that important. She said that timesheets enable us to understand our profitability by client and client audits; we need accurate information in order to be able to properly negotiate fees and be compensated appropriately. That means MONEY dude. Timesheets are also important for FTE (Full-time equivalents) reports because they measure our actual staffing against what was budgeted. So just fill our your timesheet jackass.  If you do, they won’t be hassling you.

W+K Employee #1: Damn, alright already…I’ll fill it out.  I guess they do ask nicely EVERY SINGLE time….and they are just doing their job.  I should stop giving them such a hard time. Signed and submitted….sweet!

W+K Employee #2: Word! Now…let’s go donate for the charity Pie Wrestling. My $ is on Shearer!

And they all lived happily ever after…….

Now, please submit your timesheet for 11/1-15 TODAY! THEY ARE DUE!

Thank you :)

From: Daniel Shaw

Air Shark.

You might think that’s a smile on Mindy’s face.  But no, it’s paralyzing fear. 


From: Charles Hodges

Your welcome, media department:  http://drinkify.org/

From: Stephanie Franco

So three days ago for media

               From: Ashley Crisostomo (3 days ago)

               Why didn’t I think of this: http://drinkify.org/

From: Angel Cielo

You’re welcome, HS English Department

From: Neal Arthur

In honor of this special day:



Just a quick shout for the latest work from ESPN.  The latest effort from the brand campaign started with a site that collected user images with Steeler fans and their terrible towels: http://www.towelaroundtheworld.com/#/iv

Those images provided the fodder for a spot featuring some very familiar faces: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C8_bt1_4No

I hope all of that helps eases the pain of losing to Bmore twice.  

Great work, everybody.  


Global Management Meeting:

Ian “Nana Hammock” Reichenthal, Scott and I are headed to the annual global management meeting.  We’ll definitely provide a full report as soon as we return…if we aren’t taken hostage. 


Huge props for the potluck effort.  All hail, Queen Samuels, like seven times. 

And after a silent committee vote the winners are…

Best Mac and Cheese – Aaron Evil Powers

Best Dish Overall – Nick Kaplan coming out of nowhere with the mad brisket

Best Desert – The Watcher takes the Grand Prix with his delicately constructed cobbler. But guess what, folks?  Stuart “Snow Informer” Jennings was riiiight behind him with his “This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Ice Cream Cake.”  (Love the healthy baking competition forming amongst our ESPN creative leaders.)

One question – where are the ladeez in this mix?  Wow.    

From: Bianca Jose

The POTLUCK will begin soon (1pm)… but before the chow bell rings here’s a quick guide to today’s festivities:

We will kick things off with the much anticipated MAC & CHZ taste test.  Tom Winner, Jeff Dryer, Stuart Jennings, Peggy Richardson and Orlee Tatarka will be judging how cheesy, creamy and savory these dishes truly are.  The winner will be announced on the spot.  The prize is an entire year of bragging rights for creating the best MAC & CHZ eva!

The contestants are as follows:

Aaron “Really Fucking Good Mac & Cheese” Powers: features a three-cheese blend (parmeggiano reggiano, sharp Vermont cheddar, and colby jack), with fried pancetta, fusilli, and a lemon pepper breadcrumb coating

Christine “Sun-rise Mac & Chz” Mason: secret sun-rise blend

Deborah “Tres-Formage” Graham: features three different types of cheddar cheeses, jack and gouda cheese with whole wheat bread crumbs lightly sprinkled on top

Melissa “Smokin’-Good Gouda” Mouzalas: with bacon and without

Neal “It’s Awesome” Arthur: ingredients that will fill you with awe (judges don’t let his MD title sway you)

Darren “4-cheese goodness” Philip: features American cheddar, Swiss Gruyere, Italian Parmigiano and Italian Fontina

Those who have contributed a dish, drink or dessert will be served FIRST…then the rest of you can dig in!  PLEASE DON’T BE GREEDY.  Take small portions so there is enough for everyone!

HUGE THANKS  go out to Yann for organizing this annual affair and to everyone who brought something.  Also, thanks to Jessi and Rasheed for the set up/clean up!!

Now, loosen up your belt buckle and get ready to enjoy a yummy feast.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving WKNY.